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Looking to have some fun with your Raptor? Join us in the summer of 2013 as we embark on an incredible adventure, both on road and off. SMC Events has a history of delivering adrenaline filled events mixed with the fun and comfort of good times with good friends; both new and old. This is the best of both worlds – a vacation which provides daring thrills during the days and relaxing company at night. ICON Vehicle Dynamics is proud to be apart of an epic first time event that will be sure to deliver. Get in on this

We think that the Ford Raptor is as close to the perfect daily driver as you can get, yet most events only focus on it’s off-road prowess and completely overlook what a great touring vehicle it can be. We will address both aspects with our Raptor Extremes Tour.

Starting off below sea level in the inhospitable deserts of southern California we will wind our way to the mountains of Colorado and the highest road in the United States – and we will have a great time along the way! This event is limited to 30 trucks.

Fine print and legal mumbo-jumbo:

You are a grown up and as such you and only you are responsible for yourself. No one else takes any responsibility for your safety, well-being, happiness, self-esteem or your feelings so bring your big boy pants! What this means for you is that SMC Events, all our sponsors, affiliates and other participants of this tour will be held harmless for your choices and corresponding actions. We may be driving off-road. Please use good judgment and sound decision making for ALL aspects of this tour. You may be asked to leave the group at any time for driving under the influence, reckless and/or obnoxious behavior or other reasons determined to be detrimental to the tour, group or other individual participants. This tour is rain or shine.

Refunds: Requests for refunds will be honored before May 1st, 2013 minus a $25 service fee. There will be NO refunds issued after May 1st, 2013.

Waiver: Yep – you will be required to sign a waiver before the tour begins

All lodging and most meals are included. See official schedule (below) for full details. Please note that all aspects of the schedule are subject to change.

Night 1: Furnace Creek Resort, Death Valley, CA – Dinner included

Day 1: Death Valley to Mt. Charleston Lodge – Lunch included

Mt. Charleston Lodge to Red Rocks Resort, Las Vegas, NV – Dinner on your own

Day 2: Vegas to Zion, UT – Lunch included @ Zion Pizza & Noodle Co.

Zion to Torrey, UT Days Inn – Dinner included @ Rim Rock Restaurant

Day 3: Torrey to Blanding, UT – Lunch included @ Homestead Steak House

Blanding, UT to Hampton Inn Moab, UT – Dinner included @ Cowboy Grill

Day 4: Moab Free day! Lunch on your own

Moab to Hampton Inn Glenwood Springs, CO – Dinner included @ Riveria

Day 5: Glenwodd Springs to Leadville, CO – Lunch on your own

Leadville to Holiday Inn Frisco, CO – Dinner included @ catered Sporting News Grill

Day 6: Frisco to Mt. Evans, CO

Mt Evans to Idaho Springs, CO – Lunch included @ Tommyknockers


Idaho Springs to Hampton Inn Canon City, CO – Dinner at Pizza Madness on your own

Day 7: Royal Gorge Bridge and adventure park.


Sunday June 30, 2013 at 5:00 PM MDT


Saturday July 6, 2013 at 10:00 PM MDT

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Furnace Creek Resort, Death Valley, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Torrey, UT
Moab, UT
Glenwood Springs, CO
Frisco, CO

Optional day:

Canon City, CO


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