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ICON 22-23 Tundra 0-1.5”/23 Sequoia 0-3
ICON 22-23 Tundra 0-1.5”/23 Sequoia 0-3

ICON 22-23 Tundra 0-1.5”/23 Sequoia 0-3" Lift, 2.5 VS Rear Shocks w/CDEV, Pair

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ICON Vehicle Specific (V.S.) 2.5 Aluminum Series shocks are designed and built to give your vehicle outstanding performance off-road and a smooth ride on the street. These shocks are configured specifically for each application in both length and damping tune. Like all ICON'S Shock Absorbers, V.S. 2.5 Aluminum Series shocks are fully rebuildable and re-tunable. For piggyback and specific remote reservoir applications, ICON'S unique use of a 6061-billet aluminum manifold a few inches below the top cap of the shock creates an internal Bump Zone that when used creates an additional 20% of damping force. This additional force helps prevent harsh bottom outs and controls the suspension when compressing at high velocity. The ICON CDE Valve upgrade is included for those desiring an easy way to tune the ride electronically from inside the vehicle. Compression Damping Electronic Valve (CDEV) is an electronically controlled valve that meters the flow of oil to regulate the amount of damping force that is created by the shock when compressed. This infinitely variable valve can react in less than 40ms and has the ability to make extremely precise adjustments for varying terrain. CDEV’s hydraulic circuits are also custom tailored per application to create the highest resolution and dynamic range allowable for each specific vehicle. Powered by ICON Intelligent Control and proprietary ICON mobile app, the system uses information from the onboard G-force sensor and Gyroscope to perform calculations based on algorithms and user-defined settings to predict terrain and adjust shock settings via the CDEV accordingly.

features & Benefits

  • ICON's CDE Valve technology allows for in vehicle adjustment of compression damping settings and active adjustment via the ICON Intelligent Control (IIC)
  • ICON’s internal “Bump Zone” increases damping by 20% to provide more control as the shock approaches full compression
  • Remote reservoir design improves heat dissipation to reduce shock fade during prolonged use
  • One-piece, hard anodized, impact extruded aluminum cylinders offer excellent corrosion resistance and consistent finish
  • Premium grade 5WT shock oil for consistent suspension damping along a wide temperature range
  • Nitrogen charged monotube design with remote reservoir
  • One-piece digressive piston design with vehicle specific valving for unsurpassed performance and ride quality on and off-road
  • 7/8” diameter induction hardened, chrome plated shock shaft
  • PTFE lined spherical bearings and application specific mounting hardware
  • 6061 aircraft grade aluminum CNC machined components
  • Fully rebuildable and re-tunable

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Tech Info:

  • TECH NOTE: Compatible with 0-1.5” of rear lift on non-TRD Tundras or 0-1" lift on TRD Tundras equipped with rear coil springs
  • TECH NOTE: Compatible with 0-3” of rear lift on Tundras equipped with rear OE Load-leveling Rear Height Control Air Suspension
  • TECH NOTE: Compatible with 0-3” of rear lift on 2023 Sequoias equipped with rear coil springs
  • TECH NOTE: If upgrading a vehicle equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) all other vehicle systems remain functional
  • TECH NOTE: Also requires installation of IIC kit (Part # 53508) and CDEV front coilovers (Part # 58770E or 58775E)

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