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The ICON CDC Valve is an externally adjustable valve that restricts oil flow into the reservoir creating 10 levels of compression damping force ranges.  Controlling the amount of oil flow externally allows optimizing of ride quality for varying terrains. With the addition of an ICON CDC Valve a different tune is required on the working piston to get the ride quality range of adjustment to softer than standard at the “S” setting and much firmer than standard at the “H” setting. The ICON CDC Valve piston is custom tuned per application with different valve stacks because not all shocks or applications are equal. Adding on the CDC Valve is not a one size fits all if you want optimum performance. The CDCV external knob allows for 10 levels of adjustment. Each detent from S-H is a noticeable difference in ride. When engineering this feature into each shock application, the main shock piston is re-calibrated such that setting “4” is equivalent to the non CDCV version. This allows for both a softer and firmer ride than the same application without this option. The ICON CDC Valve brings a new thinking to the table with an upgrade option that offers true ride quality diversity.

Upgrade Cost:


$135.00 Per Shock

CDC Valve Upgrade Features:

  ICON Shocks with the CDC Valve are application specific tuned like all ICON shocks

  Internally calibrated per application based on motion ratio, shaft diameter, and  vehicle weights

10 detent stops and large adjuster knob allow easy to feel adjustments

Allows the end user to optimize the ride specific to his / her liking on all types of  terrain

Clearly engraved knob for direct reading of current setting

Allows for lower reservoir pressure than a non CDCV equipped shock which decreases seal friction improving compliance.

Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup