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ICON Vehicle Dynamics is hosting a FREE Shock Dyno Day September 24th, 2011! Learn exactly what your shocks are doing and talk to other enthusiasts and people in the shock industry.


During our preliminary shock dyno day, the Icon team will be anwsering questions and giving examples. With the amount of people already interested in showing up, we’re excited to test the waters and see how many shocks we can test as well as the actual amount of people that will show up.  Even before our 1st opening session, we have already begun planning for our 2nd Shock Dyno Day which will include a 30-45 min. shock seminar on the basics of shocks and valving and the various myths that come with it. This seminar is not to promote our shocks and we welcome any shock brands to be run on the dyno and any questions asked!

Our 10 hp dyno is capable of real world shaft speeds. Duplicating actual shaft speeds is crucial when making intial setups and much can be learned by harnessing the data this dyno can deliver. Our state of the art data logging system can record shaft speeds up to 500ips and stroke 15″ allowing any truck/car/bike to be used when tuning.

Be prepared when you come:
-Please only relatively clean shocks in decent working condition
-Unfortunately we can not have people removing shocks in our parking lots!
-Remove coils from coilovers!!
-Knowing valving ahead of time will help in determining your shocks specs
-Bring a USB drive if you would like the raw data Dyno Files. Our Shock Dyno Software is freeware and available on the web.

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Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup