2007-2018 Jeep JK 1.75-4" Front Coilover Conversion System - Stage 1

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Available as an industry first is the ICON Jeep JK 1.75 – 4” bolt-on front coilover conversion system. This system not only offers superior ride quality and performance, but gives you the option to adjust ride height based on how your vehicle is equipped. Included in this front system is fabricated coilover upper & lower mounts, 2.0 V.S. Series remote reservoir coilovers, and necessary hardware for proper installation. This ICON system was designed from the ground up for improved suspension handling off road, increased wheel travel over stock, and the best ride quality on the market. ICON 2.0 V.S. Series shocks include FK bearings, billet top cap & rod ends, 7/8" shafts, all while increasing the duration of consistent damping over stock regardless of situation. Adjustable ride height, optional compression damping control valve, and secondary spring rate engagement adjustability by the end user makes this kit highly tunable to your personal liking by all skill levels. The ICON JK hydraulic bumpstop kit (22019) is also an option that can be installed with the coilover conversion kit adding wheel control for high speed traversing.

Key Features:

• 100% Returnable to stock

• Adjustable ride height

• Adjustable secondary spring rate engagement

• Increased wheel travel over stock

• Vehicle specific tuned shocks for superior performance

• Shock geometry improves stability

• Sheet metal front shock mount for maximum clearance & clean look

• Lifetime guarantee that coil springs won’t sag

Tech Info:

• Adjusting coilovers over 3” requires an adjustable track bar and aftermarket link arms (see options below)

• Lift heights are based on 4 door models, lighter 2 Door Models or heavily assessorized vehicles will vary

• High clearance steering ok with proper bumpstop installed (not included)

• 2012+ models require exhaust extension kit (Part #22011) for proper front driveline clearance

• No driveline modifications necessary if kit is installed as intended (with or without track bars)

• Compatible with ICON front hydraulic bump stop system (Part #22019)

• Front End Alignment Recommended

Wheel & Tire Fitment Info:

OEM Wheels & Tires: Yes

Aftermarket Wheels: 4.5" Backspace
(wheel spacers required to run factory wheels with an oversized tire)

Aftermarket Tires: 33” Tall tires
(35" tire packages require aftermarket high clearance fenders & minor modifications, test fitment recommended)

System Components Included:

22003 Front coilover upper & lower mounts

28006 ICON 2.0 V.S. Series front dual rate coilover shocks with reservoir



K25031 Jeep JK Coilover Conversion Rear

21020 Jeep JK Front Adjustable Track Bar Kit 

21025 Jeep JK Rear Adjustable Track Bar Kit

21031 Jeep JK Front Lower Link Kit

21036 Jeep JK Front Upper Adjustable Link Kit

21041 Jeep JK Rear Lower Adjustable Link Kit

21046 Jeep JK Rear Upper Link Kit  

22011 Jeep JK Exhaust Extension Kit

22012 Jeep JK Alignment Cam and Knock out Tool Kit

22013 Jeep JK Alignment Cam Kit (Fits in Front Lower or Rear Upper Link Position)

22014 Jeep JK Replacement Front Drive Shaft (2012+)

22016 Jeep JK Replacement Front Drive Shaft (07-11)

22017 Jeep JK Caster Punch Tool Only

22018 Jeep JK High-Clearance Steering Stabilizer Kit

22019 Jeep JK Front Hydraulic Bumpstop System

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2007-2018 Jeep JK 1.75-4" Front Coilover Conversion System - Stage 1

2007-2018 Jeep JK 1.75-4" Front Coilover Conversion System - Stage 1

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